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About Us

Ronald LiVigni


Nicholas Gray


Ronald’s career in the marketing industry began when he was offered a position with an extremely busy real estate broker, specializing in foreclosure and REO sales. Starting as an office assistant, he rapidly advanced up the company ladder; cross training in every department so as to quickly absorb as much information and experience as possible. A promotion to Director of Outsourcing led to the companies $2.2 million in closed sales within one year.

This fueled Ron’s already burning passion for creative marketing, leading him here, in hopes of more opportunities and an even greater challenge. Equipped with a vast amount of computer knowledge, office management skills and a desire to master the entertainment marketing industry, Ron is eager to bring another leg of support to an already strong team.

In his free time, Ron enjoys outdoor activities and music events. He is the lead vocalist of a Rage Against the Machine tribute band, is currently taking classes at Kosart Atelier (special effects school), and actively volunteers through attending and organizing events for multiple not-for-profit causes.

Nicholas attended the College of DuPage, earning a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. With over eight years of hands-on experience in web development, SEO, graphics and web design, Nick brings a wealth of marketing experience to clients across the country.

Nick has a strong background in film and photography. He has worked on several award winning films, both in front and behind the camera. He has worked on everything from music videos up to full length feature films.

Nick continually pushes himself to learn the latest in web development and design standards, making sure he stays current in the dynamic environment of cutting-edge technology and design tools. By immersing himself in professional techniques and emerging marketing trends, Nick ensures that he and his clients stay ahead of the game.

In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He loves camping, rocking out to Pearl Jam and spending time behind the camera with film and photography.

A Message from Nerdy Zombie Marketing…

Smart, Creative and Relentless…that is what we bring to the table. “Nerdy Zombie” embodies just that. We are excited to bring a type of new energy and perspective into the marketing industry, put to use by companies both big and small, from the individual forming an L.L.C to sell homemade products, to medium and large sized companies on a global scale. With a company composed of highly intelligent artistic and passionate people, whose careers have consisted of marketing, web design, graphic design and all facets in between and beyond, it’s obvious that we can develop anything from a customized marketing plan, to the development or refinement of an existing brand.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your goals, as this allows us to integrate our passions, as well as our skills, knowledge and expertise, into a cohesive, cutting-edge marketing company eager to conquer today’s challenges. We are based in Chicago, IL and are proud to be an All American Company! We look forward to serving you, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Ronald & Nicholas